spam sucks.

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

One thing that I have ended up managing at work is most of the anti-spam software and appliances for clients. For those who don’t deal with corporate email systems everyday, this seems like it shouldn’t be a big deal, but spam is really a huge problem for the internet, not just an inconvenience for people. One device I manage receives between 150,000 to 350,000 messages everyday. Less than 5,000 of those are legitimate messages.

This box happens to be a Barracuda Networks appliance. You see their advertisements in airports, in magazines and even on the radio. For an enterprise solution it is pretty inexpensive, but you do get what you pay for. I think it really lacks some core functionality that should be standard on anything you are using for an enterprise-level email system.

I’ll post a review later. We also use a product by Sonicwall. It used to be called MailFronitier before Sonicwall purchased it. I’m doing a new installation of one of their appliances, so look for a compare/contrast also.