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For those who wish to purchase things for The Admiral.

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

robot fabricFor those who have been struggling with uncontrollable urges to purchase merchandise for our offspring, we have registered at a few places. The usual suspects Target and Babies-R-Us are good places to start. We are also registered at Burlington/Baby Depot. The selection there is large, but the service is pathetic. For this reason, we basically duplicated some things there that you can also find on the other registries.

We decided to go with Ikea for the crib and dresser. People seem to be all gaga over the price/value of the the Ikea crib. It is a bit ridiculous how expensive cribs seem to be. It gets even more ridiculous when you realize how many of those have faced recalls lately. Ikea seems to be less expensive, while avoiding all the recall mess. The furniture is part of the Leksvik line.

We wanted robots, but there seems to be a lack of supply in really cool robot baby bedding, curtains, etc. Elizabeth is feeling extra crafty and decided to tackle making some of this. She is already working on curtains and a mobile. The pic at the top of the post is the cool robot fabric we found online.

Sonogram of the cyborg

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

The nanobots have been working overtime in the belly of my wife. We went in for a sonogram to check the progress of our very own cyborg. It seems like everything is continuing according to specifications. We have arms, legs and things seem to be attached properly. We did some more investigating. If you check out the pics below you will see what appears to be some dangly bits. Looks like we are having a son. w00t. Until we have a name, the cyborg would like to be known as The Admiral.

In the past week, Elizabeth’s belly finally poked out a bit. You should check it out. It’s cute.

dangly bitsprofile shota foot!